Pilates at Future FitnessTry on a New Fitness Class and Find Your Perfect Fit

Just as you have a wardrobe of outfits for different events, seasons and moods you can have a wardrobe of exercise classes for reaching your fitness goals.  Matching your mood (and your goals) to the right class makes for workouts that are fun with enough variety to keep you motivated.

Whether you’re starting a new fitness program or looking to spice up your gym workout − trying a new class can energize your workouts.  The same workout routine may use the same muscle groups so a new program will help tone different muscles.

Here’s a sampling of some of the more popular classes you’ll find at Future Fitness:

  • Spinning class gives you the benefits of a vigorous bike ride without potholes, bugs or traffic.  You’ll burn calories and keep your muscles in shape – rain or shine — in any season.
  • Yoga is a calming workout with benefits for both your body and your mind. Using a series of physical postures and breathing techniques you’ll safely stretch your muscles, while de-stressing and relaxing.  A great adjunct to weight training or aerobics.
  • Zumba uses lively Latin rhythms and hot dance moves to give you a total body workout that’s energizing and fun. Throughout the class, Zumba combines fast and slow rhythms along with resistance training to tone and sculpt your body while burning calories.
  • Body Sculpt combines strength training with stretching for flexibility and cardiovascular for boosting your metabolism.  Small weights and bands may be used for added conditioning.  Designed to tone, rather than build muscles, Body Sculpt helps tone your body during weight loss.
  • Pilates uses your own body’s resistance to build your body’s core muscles.    Developed from the rehabilitation techniques of Joseph Pilates, dancers have long used Pilates for building long, lean muscles. Using either a floor mat or special equipment, Pilates improve core strength, flexibility, agility and economy of motion.

When trying a new class, give yourself a chance to get familiar with the terminology and the techniques.  Give new classes three tries before you decide whether or not it works for you.  Talk to the instructor if you have questions.

Just as one size doesn’t fit all, at Future Fitness Health Club, one class doesn’t suit everyone.  There are many ways (and many times) to get your workout.  Whether you enjoy Spinning in the morning, Body Sculpt in the afternoon, some Zumba with a Yoga chaser, or Pilates before a free weight workout, Future Fitness has your classes.