Are you looking for new motivation to start or continue a fitness routine? Consider setting a goal different from normal weight targets or pant sizes. Ever wonder what a view looks like from the top of the highest mountain around? It’s an experience that everyone should have, but a lot of people miss it because they can’t get to the top of the mountain. Training for a climb is a big motivator to get you to the fitness center and you get the added benefit of actually seeing it paid off by getting a view you’ll never forget. Below are a couple of tips to help you get started on training.

Choose a mountain: Not all mountains are alike and you want to make sure you know the height and the potential difficulty. You can’t climb Everest randomly. Start off on something along Kittatinny Mountain (The tallest peak in New Jersey) and work your way towards Everest (or maybe the Poconos).

Exercises: Once you’ve chosen your mountain there are two important aspects to focus on during your workout; endurance and strength training for your lower body. Zumba or Yoga can help raise your endurance levels and running on the treadmill, or leg press/curls can strengthen your legs. Another good exercise is swimming and doing water aerobics.

Persevere: Going to Future Fitness and climbing the stair machine can get you physically prepared for the trek ahead; however it’s different when you make it to the actual mountain. When you see just how far you need to go, it can sometimes be demoralizing, so you must mentally prepare yourself as well.

Those are the top three tips when preparing to hike up a mountain. Be sure to visit any one of our Future Fitness gym locations and discuss with one of our trainers on how to get started.