Health and Senior Services at Future FitnessOne of the most important things to do as we get older is make sure we eat right and exercise regularly at the gym. While that’s easier said than done, by working with your body and taking things slowly you can overcome most obstacles and improve your overall sense of well-being.

First, check in with your physician before beginning any workout or exercise program. If you have any health concerns, you want to make sure that your Doctor is informed and advises you of any precautions. By age 65, half of us will have some form of arthritis which may affect your workout. Here are some programs we offer that will help with arthritis and are not a rip-off.

Aquatic Programs: Water is the perfect medium for an aerobic work out that also strengthens your muscles without putting any excess strain on your joints. Just by getting in your bathing suit and hopping into the pool for an hour you will be able to not only strengthen muscles and joints, but also decrease joint stiffness, increase functional ability and increase your self-care behavior. It’s also shown to help decrease depression because of the added benefit of socializing with peers training with you.

Future Fitness offers an Aquahab program where you can sign-up with a personal trainer to help you get the most from your workout. Our staff is available to help ensure that your workout is as safe and productive as possible. We have registered nurses onsite to make sure all members are well cared for and can respond to anything that may arise.

Tai Chi Program: If water isn’t your style, try the ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi. This slow-moving exercise focuses on deep, relaxed breathing in 12 different forms that let you control your breathing and pace. Tai Chi is as good for the body as it is for the soul. It will help you achieve an inner balance and tranquility that can be so hard to find these days.

Our Cherry Hill gym offers Tai Chi classes. The trainers are very friendly and will work with you on learning all the forms so you can practice Tai Chi at the gym, your home or even the park if it’s nice outside.

Tai Chi is only the beginning. Future Fitness also offers Yoga and Pilates programs that help strengthen your core and increase flexibility. Both also focus on deep breathing and finding inner tranquility.

Dancing: If you like to dance, then we have just the thing. We offer Ballroom dancing, Country Line dancing and Zumba Light. All of these programs are designed for all ages and incorporate fun into your workouts.

You don’t have to wait to sign up for a fitness course to mingle though. Future Fitness also hosts senior social parties so you can relax and meet new people before or after your workout.

Get moving today and start saying goodbye to stiff joints and muscle aches. And you can review your progress monthly with one of our personal trainers. All Future Fitness members receive an hour each month with a personal trainer. You can review your progress and make sure you’re on the right track and getting healthier. We hope to see you soon! Click here for a special offer.