You might be hesitant to get back to the fitness club after an injury and understandably so. There is a risk of a strain and you could reinjure yourself. However, you can’t let this injury stop you from working out.

Grab your gym bag! There are simple ways to work out and strengthen the damaged area without reinjuring yourself.

Stretch: It’s extremely important to stretch before starting your workout with an injury (it’s important to stretch regardless, but doubly so if you have an injury). Stretching loosens muscles and will reduce post-workout soreness.

Stabilizing machines are your friend: You may normally work out focusing on various muscle groups at once. However with an injury; you might irritate it if you’re moving your body in many different directions. Try machines that focus solely on one muscle group at a time.

Lower body injury: With a lower body injury, stick with seated upper body machines. These machines will allow you to get a good workout, while letting your lower body rest. The shoulder press and bicep curls are some workouts optimal in this situation.

Upper body injury: You guessed it, do the opposite of workouts you would do with a lower body injury. Get on the bike, treadmill or work on your legs with a leg press or hamstring curl. Depending on the injury, you might want to make sure you have balance so there’s no chance of falling.

Pool exercises: Water, because of the buoyancy, does not put any undue stress on your injury or joints. Future Fitness offers an Aquahab program designed for a positive healing environment that helps you stay fit while your body heals.

If you are unsure about trying to work out on your own, don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our Future Fitness trainers. They can help design a workout program tailored to fit your needs.