When life starts getting crazy, it’s usually your workout that gets pushed aside. However, going to the gym is one thing that should permanently be on your weekly schedule. Here are some ways for you to make sure working out doesn’t suffer during a time crunch:

Set a specific time- and commit: It’s easy to forget to workout. You have a crazy day and then you’re tired and ready for sleep. Set specific times each week for going to the gym or health club. Use alarms, post-it notes or other reminder method to help you commit to working out. By prioritizing your workout high on your “to do list” you’ll fit other commitments around your gym time instead of letting it fill up with last minute emergencies.

Get a workout buddy: Whether it’s a spouse, friend or someone you meet at the gym, having a workout buddy is a great way for them to help you make time for exercise. It’s easier to keep a Stair Climber than a friend waiting at the gym! Your workout buddy can motivate you and help push you out the door.

Find a convenient gym: The best of intentions can be sidetracked by traffic, bad road conditions or just a long drive to the gym. Find a gym that’s close to your home, school and/or work so that getting there will be one less excuse. Future Fitness has five convenient locations in Mt. Laurel, Cherry Hill, Turnersville, Berlin and Mullica Hill.

It’s a great stress reliever: Working out is good for mind as well as your body. The fitness center is a great place to rip off stress. Some people take out their stress actively with free weights, the treadmill or a Spinning class. Others like to release tension with Yoga or Pilates classes. Either way, you can leave you stress at the gym.

Exercise should not feel like a chore or something done infrequently. Review your priorities and set aside time each week to improve your physical and mental health at the same time. Start coming in to Future Fitness and pretty soon we know you’ll be a regular.